David Lemberg has been cast in film and TV roles for his authoritative, menacing screen presence and imposing physique, that contrasting protagonists love to play against. David’s notable 'baddies' include Dmitri (The Seasoning House) which opened Frightfest at the Empire, Leicester Square in 2012 – Kaleidoscope distribution, Linus Hemlock (Blood & Bone China) a feature film in the process of distribution, (the international web TV series is acclaimed for over 400,000 episodic views), Serbian gangster (The Crew), and Tupolski in Martin McDonagh's RNCM stage production of the Pillowman.

A student of David Johnson who is arguably Britain’s most successful independent acting tutor considers David a versatile passionate and dedicated professional. David Lemberg is a master of Eastern European, Irish and American accents as well as native regional English accents and is known for his thoroughly researched and well executed emotional character work. David Lemberg was born in Manchester, England, the son of a former Soviet Soldier who escaped the tyrannies of Stalinism during World War II. David achieved a BA Honours degree in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art well known for its output of acclaimed actors and directors and his career path eventually changed from painting to drama.

After returning home as a penniless artist from Kiev to England he had an opportunistic meeting with the actor Robert Carlyle in a Manchester bar; David managed to convince the barman that he and Robert needed a few after hour drinks to further their discussions. The bar man refused at first but didn’t seem to argue after some careful persuasion, whatever it was his acting career definitely sparked off that evening and he's never looked backed since.

David Lemberg is represented by Niche casting and award winning PR and media agency Clareville Communications